Ottawa Recreations Men’s League is a slow pitch softball league for men ages 17 and over. The season runs from late May until the end of July. Games are played at Lincoln Douglas Fields next to the pool on Monday evenings starting at 6:00pm in Ottawa,
Illinois. The league currently is made up of eight teams which is the maximum we can accommodate on a single night of play.
Teams participating in the league are guaranteed 10 regular season games and a City Tournament at the conclusion of the regular season.

Lincoln Douglas Park has 2 Lighted field and we are capable of hosting multiple nights of league play.  Any local area Men’s teams can sign up and play in our softball leagues, fees are $375 for teams completely made up of players from the Ottawa tax district,
and $475.00 for teams with players from out of our tax district on their roster.
Come check us out, we are planning a couple of special events to correspond with the league games this summer to make it an
enjoyable evening out, and encourage participation.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and to Check out our YouTube channel to watch games from the previous year.
If you’re interested in participating in our summer league in the future, contact the league director, Dave Marvin, at 815-830-