Ottawa Recreation Programs

Ottawa Recreation offers programs throughout the year, but especially in the summer, to provide recreational opportunities for
the citizens of Ottawa. The Recreation Board members are committed to providing quality recreational opportunities with the
lowest possible fee to the greatest number of people.

Register for programs online on the front page.

Playground Activities
and Guidelines

Two park supervisors will be on duty from 9 to 12 noon or 1 to 4 p.m. daily (except special event days) to supervise all equipment, games, contests, and special activities (Recreation is not a childcare service). Check the schedule below to see if your park is morning or afternoon. There is no fee to use the recreation equipment. No registration needed.

Parents are encouraged to come to the parks with their children. Children using Ottawa Recreation equipment are expected to
respect the supervisors, other children, and the equipment and facilities. 

Any violence, threats, bullying, destructive behavior, racist remarks, swearing, or other unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated and may result in loss of access to Ottawa Recreation equipment and a police report being filed.

  • Morning Parks (9 to 12 noon): Lincoln School, Turnberry, Kiwanis Park, Lincoln-Douglas Park
  • Afternoon Parks (1 to 4 pm): Hollywood Park (one block north of Sam’s Pizza), East Side Park, McKinley School, Rigden Park